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JT Yorke
I find it a bit funny that these journals are now the hottest trend. I've actually had this for awhile, but all the old entries are set to private. It kind of explains my journal name (Not Just The Mascot) since well... I created this back when I was doing everything I could to get Paige to notice me.

Funny how somethings turn out. Her and Alex? Never saw that one coming, but hey whatever makes her happy.

Liberty and I are still together, working out our... issues. I hate it. I hate that I'm supposed to be a father and I'll never see my child. I hate that I failed her and let her down. I hate that I couldn't do it. I hate that I let Jay talk me into selling drugs to make the money. I hate that she found out. I hate that I nearly killed myself... I sometimes hate that I didn't succeed. Things just aren't.... right. I hate it.

I've been kind of anti-social for the past few months, after everything that's happened, but I'm hoping that I'm ready to change that. So if anyone would like to hang out, give me a call. Or use IM. (xRockYourWorldxx)

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